Hand-Hewn Products

Our beautifully crafted hand-hewn timbers work great for a variety of uses, including decorative trusses (as seen below), mantels, posts, and rugged decorative trim, just to name a few.
timber truss hand hewn golden eagle log home mart parmeter
Enhance the beauty of any new or existing structure with our hand-hewn decorative beams and timbers. All of these handcrafted components are available with the option to finish one or all sides to comply with your specific application. Not only do these components finish your timber frame structure but they are also sure to bring a whole new element to your conventionally framed home. Let your imagination take over with interior or exterior uses on all of these kiln-dried decorative accents.

Here Are Some of Our Popular Sizes ...

A. 1 3/8” x 5 1/2” Two-Sided Hewn
B. 4” x 8” Three-Sided Hewn 
C. 10” x 10” Three-Sided Hewn
D. 4” x 10” Two-Sided Hewn 

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