WeatherSeal™ - Premium Exterior Wood Stain & Sealant - 5 Gallon

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Premium Exterior Wood Stain & Sealant

WeatherSeal™ Premium Exterior Wood Stain & Sealant is the standard by which all other exterior wood treatments are measured. Suitable for use on nearly all types of outdoor wood surfaces, WeatherSeal semi-transparent stains provide a rich, natural wood appearance & long-lasting protection against the elements in one easy-to-apply, long-lasting formula.  WeatherSeal’s unique “dripless” consistency cuts down on waste, prevents pigment settling so you stir less, & spreads silky smooth for even color & unmatched performance.   


Features & Benefits

  • Thick, rich consistency

  • “Dripless” formula limits pigment settling & minimizes mixing mess

  • Naturally-derived, plant-based oils outperform less-effective water-based products

  • Formula can be diluted with mineral spirits & sprayed see application guide for details

  • Fast-drying formula penetrates quickly with re-coating possible in 4 hours or less

  • Available in a wide range of colors

  • Long-lasting for up to 5 years of worry-free protection

  • Low VOCs means less odor


 Continental WeatherSeal Exterior Stain Colors


Translucent Colors 




Natural Oak 


Classic Colors

Apache Brown 


Cabin Brown 

Canyon Brown 

Frontier Pine 

Golden Honey 

Historic Brown 

Natural Pine 

Pioneer Gray 

Rustic Pine 

Saddle Brown 




1-gallon (3.8L) cans (4 to a case)

5-gallon (18.9L) pails


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