3.5" Thick 7.25" Depth Up to 8' Long Rustic Fireplace Mantel Country Real Wood

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The price advertised is per linear foot.  

Prices are as follows:

3 ft. - $19.80

4 ft. - $26.40

5 ft. - $33

6 ft. - $39.60

7 ft. - $46.20 

  • 3.5" Thick; 7.25" Wide; You choose the length

  • Unfinished Pine

  • Has a rustic hewn face; Other 3 sides are planed smooth (not sanded).

  • Kiln-dried

  • Great for fireplace mantel or thick shelving.

  • This is real, actual wood obtained from the wild and beautiful forests of Wisconsin, so each piece is different - i.e. knot structure. The wood is not a finished product and has imperfections. The wood will likely have some natural knots, cracks, blue staining and dents. This is very normal, but it may surprise you if you expect manufactured furniture wood. 


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