Cultured Stone - Cedar Blend River Rock

Cultured Stone - Cedar Blend River Rock

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The perfect stone for both exterior and interior applications!

  • Sold per box

  • Flat pieces – $73.50 per box 

  • -Approximately 10 square feet of coverage per box of flat stones.

  • Corner pieces – $71.40 per box

  • -Approximately 8 linear feet of coverage per box of corner stones.

    • Hand-crafted premium cultured stone made by qualified stone technicians (not computerized machines)

    • 52-year limited warranty*

    • Contains an additive that reduces water absorption, efflorescence, and air bubbles.  This additive makes this stone the strongest in the industry!

    • Scratches on the back of each stone help it to adhere to any structure faster and easier than any other product.  This means that there is no need to wait 24-48 hours for a “scratch coat” to dry, saving time and money!

    • Both large and small stones in each box to reduce the need for cutting

    • Fabric-like sheets between stone layers in each box to reduce scratching/chipping during shipping & handling

    • Installed final product weighs 6-9 lbs. per sq. ft. with mesh and mortar applied (depending on stone style)

    • Reduced weight by using 20% fly ash in raw materials

    • Thoroughly tested (exceeds all building requirements in every state)

    • Flat stone pieces – Approximately $7.35 per square ft.

    • Corner stone pieces – Approximately $8.93 per linear ft.

    Manufactured with pride in the USA  



    * Please call to order this stone.  Not available for online purchase *


    1-800-426-1002   -or-


    Proudly shipping within the lower 47 states of the United States

    *unable to ship to California*


    PERCEIVED COLORS - The stone colors shown on the website can vary depending on your monitor/screen settings, etc.  Lighting conditions and backing choices also affect color perception.  We recommend you look at actual product samples (if local) before you select colors.  


    *LIMITED WARRANTY - If stone products are defective when applied according to manufacturer's instructions, only defective items will be replaced at no cost if found to be defective.  This warranty is for a period of 52 years (with original purchase receipt).  This warranty will not cover defects caused by acts of nature, improper installation, or use as a structural member.  Also not included are damages caused by outside sources.  This 52-year limited warranty is the longest in the industry.  We want the customer to know that our loyalty is in making our hand-crafted stone to be of the highest quality and the best on the market today. 


    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: These stone products are easy to install, even for the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer.  Unlike other manfactured stones which take two people to install 100 square feet of stone per day, with our premium stone products, two people can easily install up to 300 square feet of stone per day.

    Our premium cultured stone can beautify virtually any interior or exterior structure regardless of age, size, or application.  It can easily be applied to any structurally sound surface including wood, metal or metal siding, concrete, brick or masonry.  No special tools or expertise are required for the successful installation of our stone products.



    Exterior Surface: Apply a moisture barrier.  A weeping system is recommended, a 3/8" void between stone and any unlike material (ex: window, door, siding, trim.)  Trim with a casing bead and fill with backer rod and sealant to match.  This allows for proper expansion and contraction of wood, metal, plastic, etc. coming in contact with mortar.  Use a weep screed and rain screen to minimize moisture infiltration and reduce the absorption of water.  This allows trapped water and moisture to escape without contracting the builder's wood structure.  We recommend that stone should have a 4" clearance from the ground and a 2" clearance from paving, roof, patio to prevent water absorption and discoloring from contaminants.  An expansion joint can be used to separate the stone from a paving surface in certain situations to allow for proper expansion and contraction of adjoining materials.  Refer to building codes for your area for proper flashing/drainage and sealant applications.  Tar paper (30 lb.) is allowed per state building code.  Be sure to check manufacturer's instructions before applying diamond mesh.  Interior surfaces do not require moisture barriers.  Install the stone directly to the surface of any clean (unsealed, unpainted, untreated) brick, concrete block or other masonry surface.  Because of the stone's light weight, no wall ties, footings, or structural supports are necessary.  Diamond mesh mush be applied first to all other surfaces.

    On metal surfaces, attach the mesh with self-tapping screws every 16".  On wood surfaces, attach the mesh by nailing or stapling on centers every 6", hitting studs whenever possible.  Always attach mesh right side up with small cups pointing upward. 



    Apply a scratch coat of thin mortar on mesh, AS YOU'RE LAYING THE STONE.  Unlike other companies' stone products that you have to apply a scratch coat and let harden and come back the next day or some that say 48 hours, which takes a lot more time to install, with our premium stone you can spread mortar on mesh as you go while applying the stone.  Because there are scratches on the back of our stones, you can spread a thin layer of mortar on mesh as you go and apply the stone.  This saves a lot of time and time converts to money savings.  If for instance you are going against a painted block wall you will have to do a scratch coat.  Mixing mortar - using 3 five-gallon pails of mason sand to one 70 lb. bag of type N mortar, mix with water until the consistency of oatmeal.  Too dry and the stone will peel off, too wet and mortar will be messy and difficult to work with. 



    Lay out stones randomly near your work area.  After choosing a stone, wet the back of it and apply a 1/2 inch thick layer of mortar evenly on back of stone. 



    Always install corner stones first.  Apply remaining stones by working from the bottom up.  Joints between stones should be as tight and uniform as possible. 

    Press stone firmly into place with a gentle wiggling motion to promote bonding.  The mortar on back of stone should squeeze out and surround the stone. 


    When mortar joints are firm, use your fingers to go in between the stones (the head of a screwdriver can also be used).  At the same time, firmly press mortar into the joints so edges are thoroughly sealed.  



    Using a whisk broom, brush mortar joints until smooth, and all loose mortar has been brushed away.  Brush off any loose mortar on face of stones.  Never let mortar set overnight before brushing joints.



    Clean any remaining grout off stone by lightly wire brushing.  Other stone types cannot tolerate the wire brush because it is not dyed throughout, like our stone is.  A sealer is optional (we tend to recommend against it because it converts a maintenance free surface to one that requires maintenance).  If you choose to use a sealer, use a transparent or glossy one.  



    • Compressive Strength - 6,010 PSI (UBC NO: 26-10, I AND IV)
    • Tensile Strength - 600 PSI (ASTM - C190)
    • Water Absorption - 13% to 15% (UBC NO: 32-12)
    • Thermal Resistance: R = 1.24 (using lightweight aggregate) ASTM- C177-71
    • Sheer Strength - 120 PSI to 130 PSI (ASTM - C482)
    • Fire Rating - Zero flame spread, zero smoke, zero fuel
    • Freeze/Thaw - Less than 1% (ASTM-C67-83)
    • Weight - Approximate shipping weight 7-12 lbs. per sq. ft. (using lightweight aggregate)
    • All stone styles are approximately 2" in thickness. They vary between 1" to 3.5", but most are 2"

    Call or email for more information - 1-800-426-1002   -or-

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