Flare Bottom Rustic Log Posts - 8"-10" Diameter

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Spice up your home decor with these ultra rustic flare bottom posts. 

flare bottom tree roots rustic post

Giving you the feeling of a tree growing right through the floor, with natural roots and a tree-like taper, these posts are sure to please.

The typical diameter of each post is around 8"-10" but can vary.

flare bottom tree roots rustic log post

Perfect for both interior and exterior applications.    Borate treatment is recommended for exterior applications (ask us about borate treatment pricing). 

Call to order this item - not currently available for online purchase.  1-800-426-1002

Each flare bottom is unique so individual characteristics between them will vary (ex. roots quantity/length, splits, coloring, shape, etc.)

Your flare bottom post will come standard as "peeled" (shown below at the top).  Keeping the log natural (unpeeled) is an option as well (shown below at bottom). 

Proudly grown and sustainably harvested in the USA 


Ships to anywhere within the Contiguous U.S. (except California) - Call for a shipping quote - 1-800-426-1002

Save money on shipping by picking up locally with just a short drive to Wisconsin Rapids, WI (call ahead). 


NOTE:  This is a raw, unfinished product.  You may prefer to sand the surface smooth and add stain and/or clear coat.  The log may also require some cutting to fit your specific application as the ends aren't always necessarily cut "square"


*Disclaimer* Solid timbers such as log elements, will check, twist, gap, warp, bleed pitch, shrink, and stain.  These characteristics are considered to be natural characteristics of such solid timbers and their occurrence will NOT be considered defects unless they cause structural weakness in the structure in which the logs are used for.  All of the solid wood timber and log elements sold by Log Home Mart/Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes will be raw and unfinished unless stated otherwise.

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