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DEEPLY discounted full logs available. Perfect for a house, cabin, vacation home, shed, shack, garage, cottage, deer camp, bunker, hideout, obstacle course, wall(s), firewood, etc.

These logs have been dried in our giant on-site kiln. Want to know why kiln-dried logs are superior to air-dried logs? Find a nice explanation at the bottom of this description.

Here's what's available:

✦ 8" diameter log - $4 per linear foot. We normally sell this stuff for $9.25 per linear foot (proof). That's more than half off. The savings really don't get much better than that for a milled, kiln-dried log.  

✦ 10" diameter log - $6 per linear foot. We normally sell this stuff for $13.74 per linear foot (proof). That is also more than half off. That's insane. Please note that approx. 1200 ft. of this log has been reserved.

**Please note that this log will be sold as full bunks only. We will not break open a bunk to sell you a few logs. We're sorry. ***

This material is and has been stored indoors since it has been milled. It is taking up precious warehouse space and we need it GONE, which is why you're getting such a sweet deal on it.

There's a ton of log available. If you're serious about getting your hands on some/all of it, give us a call. We can help you determine how much of this log you will need to complete your project, as well as other necessary supplies such as log screws, caulk, stain, etc.

Summer is almost here, so start planning now so you can have your new log structure finished before next winter!

You're going to want to be quick with jumping on this deal, as we don't expect this stuff to be available for very long with prices like these.

Eastern White Pine is the species. "Machine-Peeled" is the name of the surface texture (see example in photos).

Don't have a way to trailer this much log to the build site? Not a problem. We offer shipping via semi-trailer. Call for a shipping quote.

Like the idea of living in a log structure, but just don't have the means to make it happen? Find alternative options such as log siding, log trim, etc. at our website:


A quality kiln drying process will result in dimensionally stable logs which are resistant to twisting, shrinkage, checking, and cracking after installation, allowing for a more consistent and longer-lasting home. Kiln drying also kills any insects, insect eggs, larvae, fungus, or mold that could possibly be in the wood after a tree is harvested. The process even crystallizes the pitch (sap) inside of the log, keeping it from seeping to the surface in the future

Compared to newly-harvested “green” logs and air-dried logs, kiln-dried logs are much lighter and more manageable, facilitating easy transportation and construction. Kiln-dried logs are also capable of accepting stain immediately and allow for a deeper, more thorough penetration of such preservatives. Our logs are kiln-dried to an average of 17% moisture content, which makes them as stable as possible far more quickly and consistently than air drying.

Call with questions - 1-800-426-1002 Or, shoot us an email.

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