Hand Hewn 1"x8" Unfinished "Premium" T&G Planking WP4

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This unique hand-hewn T&G will give any room a truly rustic feel. Its end-matched ends make it virtually 100% usable and very user-friendly.


**Hand Hewn products are only offered raw/unfinished. No pre-finishing is available for hand-hewn products.**


Call for availability and to get a shipping quote.  1-800-426-1002


  • Features:

    • This product has fewer knots than lesser-grade material.

    • Sold by the linear foot. Only $1.58!

    • "End-Matched" - Ends are tongue and groove

    • Virtually 100% usable.

    • Full 3/4" Thick

    • 6-5/8" Exposure (multiply square feet by 1.81 to get linear feet)

    • Multiple lengths available

    • Unfinished/raw, so you can stain or paint it with your favorite color!


    This is very high-quality knotty pine tongue & groove planking with virtually no waste! End-matched, so you don't have to land on a stud with every board. 


      Made with pride in the USA


    Want a rough estimate of how much your project may cost?  Take the square footage of the area you're thinking about covering and multiply it by 1.81.  The product of that equation will be the amount of linear footage you would need to complete your project.    It is recommended to figure in a 7% waste-factor for waste, cut-offs, mistakes, etc. 


    The advertised price is per linear foot.


    Call to order 1-800-426-1002

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