Premium Square Stair Stringer

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Call to order. 1-800-426-1002.  You will not be able to order this item online (for logistics reasons). 

See a video of this exquisite staircase system being built  🢃🢃🢃🢃🢃🢃🢃

The price advertised is per linear foot.

$16.50 per linear foot. 

Our stair stringers are milled to a uniform size making the installer's job much easier.  Price advertised is per lineal foot for a SMOOTH texture. Getting stringers with a Hand-Hewn texture would be an extra charge.  See an example of the Hand-Hewn texture in the photos above. Each stringer is kiln-dried. Available in 16' lengths.

  • 1/8" bevel on all 4 long edges
  • Smooth Stringer Dimensions (approx.)- 11" D x 5 3/8" H x You choose width.
  • Hand-Hewn Stringer Dimensions (approx.)- 11" D x 5 1/4" H x You choose width.

Price advertised is per linear foot for SMOOTH-textured stringers. Getting the Hand-Hewn texture would be an extra charge of $1.00 per linear foot, per side, for sides over 10", and an additional $0.60 per linear foot, per side, for sides under 10".  These stringers do not come cut, notched, finished, etc.  This is raw, unfinished material. 

Please note, it is recommended to stain/seal this item before regular use.  Upon the arrival at your doorstep, this item may require a light sanding to remove shipping/handling marks, etc. and to properly prep the surface for a stain/topcoat.  Remember to always brush away dirt and dust before staining/sealing, to ensure proper adhesion. 

 Made with pride in the USA


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