Rustic Square Timber Fireplace Mantel - Hand-Hewn Texture - 4" x 8"

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With just the right mix of rustic and contemporary, this mantel will suffice everyone's design style.

  • Features a hand-hewn face


Great for a fireplace mantel or thick shelving.

Square Timber Log Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf  Thick Pine

Square Timber Log Fireplace Mantel Shelf

  • 3-1/2" Height

  • Approximate 7" Depth (varies)

  • Up to 7' Width - You choose!

 Hand Hewn Texture - Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes & Log Home Mart

  • Solid Eastern White Pine slab - Unfinished

  • 3 sides are planed-smooth (not sanded).

  • Front face features a rustic "hand-hewn" texture (shown above)

  • All 4 long edges feature a 1/8" bevel

  • This is real wood, so each piece is different - knots, wood grain, checks*, etc.

  • All lengths between 4' - 7' are the same price - the shipping cost for shorter lengths will be less

Mounting hardware is not included and there are no pre-drilled holes.  You can mount the mantel however you prefer (lag bolts, log screws, corbels, etc.)


Ships to anywhere within the Contiguous U.S. (except California)

Save money on shipping by picking up locally with just a short drive to Wisconsin Rapids, WI (call ahead). 



 Wood is considered a combustible material.  Heat clearances must be adhered to.  If installing over a fireplace, check your local building codes and the manufacturer's instructions for your specific fireplace insert or stove.  Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes and Log Home Mart are not responsible for damages.

**Disclaimer** Solid timbers such as log elements, will check, twist, gap, warp, bleed pitch, shrink, and stain.  These characteristics are considered to be natural characteristics of such solid timbers and their occurrence will NOT be considered defects unless they cause structural weakness in the structure in which the logs are used for.  All of the solid wood timber and log elements sold by Log Home Mart/Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes will be raw and unfinished unless stated otherwise.
 *if checks/cracks are just unacceptable in your eyes, but you still really want this mantel, it's recommended to fill them with wood putty or textured caulk that matches your stain color.   You can find colored textured caulk here

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