Conceal® - Textured Wood & Log Caulk - 30 oz. Single Tube

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The picture right below shows the most recent available Conceal colors

conceal log wood caulk

Water-based, acrylic, latex, textured wood caulk comes in six colors and maintains a tight seal.


Conceal’s colors blend in with the most popular stains used on log homes, and Conceal’s light texture simulates the natural roughness of wood. The combination of color and texture makes it hard to see where the caulking ends and the logs begin. 



  • Lightly textured to blend in with wood

  • Super elastic 

  • Powerful adhesion to wood

  • Compatible with all Sashco stains

  • Goes on smooth, easy to work with

  • Resistant to rainfall in 1-4 hours

  • Water clean-up  

  • Low odor

  • Paintable

  • UV resistant 

  • Exterior & interior

  • Freeze-thaw stable

  • Application Temperature: 40°-90° F

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