Square Timber Stair System- 48" Wide

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Make a bold statement with our modern and robust square timber stair system

Square Timber Stair System from Log Home Mart

Our stair treads and stringers are milled to a uniform size, making the installer's job much easier.  Each tread and stringer is kiln-dried and light enough for 1-2 people to maneuver.  


This stairs kit is sold standard with a semi-smooth surface texture.  A premium "Hand-Hewn" surface is also available.  See examples of the "Hand-Hewn" surface texture in the photo below.

Hand-Hewn Square Timber Stair System Surface Texture

 *Expect additional labor fees and extended lead times for items featuring a premium "hand-hewn" surface texture.


This stair system package includes enough square timber material for:

  • 14 ct. 4-foot wide treads (shipped as full 8' and 12' lengths)

  • 2 ct. 16-foot long stringers


*NOTE - Stringer and tread materials are shipped as full-length items (tread material as 8 ft. & 12 ft. lengths, and the stringers as 16 ft. lengths).  This stair system is designed for the customer (or their contractor/builder) to cut and construct in a way that fits their individual home and vision perfectly.  Enough tread material is provided for 14 ct. 4-ft. wide treads.  Please call to order if you think you'll need more or less material for your specific project:


    *NOTE - hardware not included - ask about different installation methods
Hand-Hewn Square Timber Stair System Surface Texture

The semi-smooth version of both the stringers and the tread material measures out at  11" D x 5 3/8" H (see drawings in photos).  Each timber piece also features a 1/8" bevel along all long edges.


Please note, it is recommended to properly stain/seal this item before regular use.  Upon arrival at your doorstep, this item will require a light sanding in some areas to remove shipping/handling marks, milling lines, etc., and to properly prep the surface for a stain/topcoat.  Checks/cracks can be filled with a quality log caulk if desired.  Remember to always brush away dirt and dust before staining/sealing, to ensure proper adhesion. 

Find high-quality interior log stains and topcoats right here.  Give us a call if you're unsure what to choose, we can help you decide.


Walk through a 3D Interactive Virtual Tour of a home featuring this staircase here.


Made with pride in the USA 


Have questions about this system?  Friendly customer support is available 6 days per week.  Just call 1-800-426-1002


This system also matches great with our square "skip-hewn" railings found here.

Do you have a larger project and think you'll need additional tread/stringer material?  Or is it a smaller project where 16' stringers and 14 treads are just too much?  Determine your rise and run (see how to measure directly below🢃) and then give us a call.  We can help you figure out what you need.   


Rise Run Stairs Stairway Diagram Drawing

Ships to anywhere within the Contiguous U.S. (except California)

*** You may be able to get a better shipping price by ordering over the phone.

Save money on shipping by picking up locally with just a short drive to Wisconsin Rapids, WI (call ahead). 


See a video of the "pre-notched" version of this staircase system being built below  🢃🢃🢃🢃🢃🢃🢃 


Purchase the "pre-notched" version shown in the video by clicking here. 


*Disclaimer* Solid timbers such as log elements, will check, twist, gap, warp, bleed pitch, shrink, and stain.  These characteristics are considered to be natural characteristics of such solid timbers and their occurrence will NOT be considered defects unless they cause structural weakness in the structure in which the logs are used for.  All of the solid wood timber and log elements sold by Log Home Mart/Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes will be raw and unfinished unless stated otherwise.

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