Clearance - Reversible 6" Tongue and Groove Planking - T&G Carsiding - Nickel Gap/Shiplap or V-Groove WP4

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This solid wood planking has been carefully selected. When properly installed, it will provide lasting beauty. 

  • Reversible!  Go with either the Nickel Gap/Shiplap look, or flip it over for the V-Groove/WP4 look!

  • Kiln-Dried Premium Pattern

  • 3/4" Thick (approximately)

  • 5" Reveal

  • 3/8" Tongue

  • Unfinished/raw

  • Selected #2 premium pine WP4 planking

  • Finish it with your favorite stain and/or clear coat.  Find high-quality stain right here (exterior or interior).

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