1x6 & 1x8 Wind Worn Nickel Spaced End-Matched Un-Finished Tongue and Groove Siding with matching trim Gray Prefinished Wind Worn Planking -Tongue Groove Nickel Gap Space Wall Ceiling Covering Carsiding

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Price cuts of over 60% !!!

Luxury Wind Worn prefinished Nickel Gap tongue & groove Shiplap wall and ceiling planking. The same exact stuff Golden Eagle Log Homes puts in their luxury homes! Feel fancy without the fancy pricing.

Beautiful wind-worn surface texture emphasizes raised woodgrain (you can feel the raised woodgrain with your fingers - see it in the pictures!)

Prefinished with various shades of gray and brown, so all you'll need to do is get it home and install it! (no staining/clear-coating needed!)

Only $3.96 per sq. ft. (was $10.22/SF)

Unfinished is also available for $3.27/SF (stain it yourself with your favorite color(s)!)

To make things easy (if you don't feel like doing all of the math), let us know how many Sq. Ft. you'd like to cover and we'll get you a grand total cost. (if you'd like to do the math yourself, see below)

Sold by the linear ft. as 2 pieces (8" pc. & 6" pc.)

5/4 Matching Prefinished Trim is also available - perfect for matching baseboard, windows, doors, wall-to-ceiling trim, etc.

See the pricing on the trim here:

➼ 5/4 x 4" x 16' : $1.56/LFT

➼ 5/4 x 6" x 16' : $1.99/LFT

The T&G is sold per linear ft. (as a 6" & 8" piece combined) @ $3.84

If you want to do the math yourself, here you go: The conversion rate for sq. ft to linear ft. is 1.032258 for this material. So what that means is, figure out how many sq. ft. you'd like to cover with this material. Then multiply that Sq. Ft. number by 1.032258 and that will tell you how many linear ft. you'll need for your project. It's recommended to add a 10% waste factor to account for mistakes, cuts, etc. Take that total number (after you add 10%) and multiply it by $3.84 to get your subtotal cost. Add 5.5% to account for tax and THAT number is your grand total.

Message or call for more info. See phone number below.  Pick up at Log Home Mart in Wisconsin Rapids, WI  or call for shipping rates


Beautiful rustic 1x6 and 1x8 wind worn end-matched nickel spaced tongue and groove interior siding with matching 5/4x4 and 5/4x6 trims. Perfect opportunity for an accent wall or ceiling project during the colder months.

All sizes and trims are available in un-finished and pre-finished Weathered Gray.

Find interior and exterior stain by clicking these links. 

Available for local pick-up. Call 1-800-426-1002 for shipping options.

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