Cascade® - Exterior Clear Topcoat - 5 Gallons

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Cascade Clear Topcoat benefits include:

  • Maintenance made easy: Skip the arduous work of completely removing your stain when it needs refreshing. Simply clean the wood surface, apply Cascade Clear Top Coat to bring back that just-stained look, and get back to life. 

  • Easy water clean-up: Skin, earth, and nose friendly is always a plus. No harsh chemicals required. 

  • Easy to know when: If the surface has lost its sheen, it’s time for maintenance. No second-guessing necessary. It’s the easiest way to keep your log home looking like the day it was finished. 

  • Repels water: Keeps your logs in tip-top shape and your rot concerns at bay. 

  • Resists mildew & algae: Ensures that unsightly growths stay where they belong – in a lab, not on your logs. 

  • Protects against UV damage: Cascade protects Capture Log Stain from major color shifts to maintain that just-stained look. 


Coverage rate:

400-600 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on surface roughness. 


Cascade Clear Top Coat is specially designed for use over top of Capture® Log Stain.


Download Informational PDFs:

What if you could see how your log home stain would perform before you ever applied it?

Now you can. Sashco put Capture® Log Stain and Cascade® Clear Top Coat to the test in side-by-side comparisons with a variety of competitive stains. Download the full report to see who came out on top.



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