"Chiseled" T&G Carsiding Planking (Unfinished) - $4.51/Sq. Ft.

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1"x8" Unfinished "Premium"  End-Matched T&G

chiseled tongue and groove carsiding planking

Are you looking to spruce up your space with something distinctive?

Exclusive only to LogHomeMart.com, this unique T&G planking features our signature "Chiseled" texture and will give any room a truly sophisticated feel. 

chiseled rustic hewn T&G tongue and groove carsiding planking

Add your favorite colored stain to really bring this planking to life!

Its end-matched ends make it virtually 100% usable and very user-friendly.


 $4.51 per square ft. 



  • Rustic "Chiseled" surface texture

  • Premium-Grade: This product has fewer knots than lesser-grade material.

  • "End-Matched" - Ends are tongue and groove, so you don't have to land on a stud with the end of every board.  Excellent!

  • Virtually 100% usable

  • 3/4" thick

  • 6-5/8" face exposure once installed (multiply square feet needed by 1.81 to get linear feet needed)

  • Various length options available:

    • 8', 10', 12', 14', 16'

  • Comes unfinished/raw, so you can stain or paint it with your favorite color.  Find your favorite stains right here 🡆 (exterior & interior) Adding stain is what really brings this T&G to life!  

  • Ships to anywhere within the contiguous U.S. (except California)

Want a rough estimate of how much your project may cost?  Take the square footage of the area you're thinking about covering and multiply it by 1.81.  The product of that equation will be the amount of linear footage you would need to complete your project.    It is recommended to add a 7% waste-factor for waste, cut-offs, mistakes, etc.*


** CALL TO ORDER CUSTOM QUANTITIES ** - You can only purchase full-sized units (96 pcs.) on this website (select your length in the drop-down above).  If you need different quantities/lengths not listed here, you'll need to give us a call at 1-800-426-1002. 


Unit pricing (96 pcs. per unit)

  • 8 ft. unit (424 sq. ft. of coverage) - $1,912.32
  • 10 ft. unit (530 sq. ft. of coverage) - $2,390.40
  • 12 ft. unit (636 sq. ft. of coverage) - $2,868.48
  • 14 ft. unit (742 sq. ft. of coverage) - $3,346.56
  • 16 ft. unit (848 sq. ft. of coverage) - $3,824.64 
  • Please expect to pay typical freight pricing for shipping (or pick it up in Wisconsin Rapids, WI for free!)

Expect a 2-4 week lead time (call to confirm) - 1-800-426-1002

**Please note that large quantities may require an extended lead time. 

You can pick up this fancy planking at our Wisconsin Rapids, WI location (call first), or get it shipped via semi-trailer to anywhere within the contiguous U.S. (not California).  You'll need to hand-unload the truck once your material arrives (if the lengths chosen are 10' or longer), or use equipment (forklift, tractor, telehandler, etc.) if you have it.

 chiseled t&g carsiding

Are you loving the look of the "Chiseled"??  We also offer trim, beams, siding, etc. with the same distinct look - give us a call to discuss your options. 


Made with pride in the USA 

Questions? Call us at 1-800-426-1002

Or, send an email to info@loghomemart.com

When you order a unit (96 pcs), you'll get one of these white bundles shown below:

T&G unit

t&g stack

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