CLEARANCE - "Nutmeg" Trim Prefinished 1x4 double-beveled ceiling door window casing pre-stained baseboard for sale

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$0.99 per linear foot.


For beautiful 1x4 trim that is already stained/cleared and ready to install. That's nuts!

Would look great against drywall, or any other wall finish.

Blowout prices! This trim is a discontinued color that we no longer sell and we're trying to clean out our warehouses, so we're offering it to you at a DEEP discount.


Prefinished 1x4 with beveled edges. Perfect for window & door trim as is. Rip it in half for ceiling and corner trim. Or rip off one beveled edge for baseboard.

Heck, you could even butt up a bunch against each other and use it as a cool-looking wall finish. Sooo many uses!


The first 3 pictures are the actual color of the trim. The remaining pictures are examples of how it can be used.

The 1x4 trim normally sells for $2.49 per linear ft. We're only asking for $0.99 per linear ft. That's nuts!


Sold as 14' lengths. 

Here's what's available: 8,500 LF of 1x4 (approx.)

Call 1-800-426-1002 for questions, or inquiries.

As with all clearance items, sales are final.

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