CLEARANCE - Wood/Log Stain - Top-Shelf, High-Quality, Premium Water-Based Stretchable Elastic Wood Stain at CRAZY LOW prices! - Moves with your wood!

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Staining season is here and it's time to get those projects done, without spending a fortune!

So current MSRP is at $410.99.  However, with this sale, we are only asking for $199.99 per 5-gallon pail.  That is absolutely nuts.   That's more than half off.  Heck, that's even better than a 'Buy-One-Get-One-Free' deal!!   

What's even better is that this stain is designed to be used outdoors OR indoors.  Double freakin' whammy!

  • Excellent elasticity, proven durability

  • Easy to maintain with Cascade

  • Easy water clean-up

  • Exterior/Interior use

Please take 2.5 short minutes to watch this video:

Inventory won't last long with prices like this.  Limited quantities are available - once they're gone, they're gone for good - so you'll need to snag this screaming deal now while you still can. 

We had a customer change their mind on which colors they wanted on their log home, so now we're stuck with the following quantities:

  • Over 30 pails of "Chestnut" (Medium/Dark Brown)

  • Over 30 pails of "Hazelnut" (Light/Medium Brown)

"Chestnut" & "Hazelnut" are both nice, warm, neutral colors.   They both have really nice names as well.  Both colors look great anywhere, inside or out. 

Here's a little more info about this top-shelf stain, right from the manufacturer:

 "Capture the Timeless Beauty of Natural Grain"

Don’t compromise at the end of a long and arduous journey by using an inferior stain not designed for logs/wood.  Capture and Cascade deliver a performance worthy of the journey that got you here.  Capture log home stain is a VOC-compliant stain, which makes it environmentally friendly and safe to use indoors and out.  Used by log homeowners and professionals alike, Capture Stain will last without cracking, peeling, or blistering- keeping your log home attractive for years to come.  Capture Stain is not just for log homes; it can be used to protect any vertical surface like log siding, wood trim, and hand-peeled deck rails.



Where to use:

Interior & exterior: * Log homes * Timber frame homes * Wood sided homes * Log & wood handrails * Fiber cement siding where a stained woodgrain look is desired 

Where NOT to Use:

Surfaces previously coated with a non-drying waxy oil-based stain * Walking surfaces, including decks, floors, and stairs * Furniture * Cabinetry 



Want to read even more about the wonders of "Capture" stain? Click right here


It is highly recommended to use a clear top coat over the Capture stain to make cleaning easier, greatly improve longevity, and boost the overall appearance of the finish:

  • Exterior - Cascade is designed to work perfectly with Capture and is for the exterior of the home - buy it right here 🡆 2 gallons -or- 5 gallons  (click the links).  Read more from the manufacturer here.

  • Interior - Symphony is also designed to work perfectly with Capture and is for the interior of the home - buy it right here  (click the link). Read more from the manufacturer here.


Not sure how much stain or clear coat you'll need?  No problem!  Click here, then scroll down to the orange section and click on the button that says "Product Caulkulator" to access a product calculator.  


Need single gallons of the Capture stain?  Find them right here (click the link)

Want free samples to make sure you like the color before you commit to it? Click right here.


This stock is getting older (hence the great prices and the need to blow it out of here), but it still works great!


No returns/refunds on clearance items, but that's pretty standard.

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