Colorfast™ - Pre-Stain Base Coat for Wood - 2 Gallons

Colorfast™ - Pre-Stain Base Coat for Wood - 2 Gallons

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Colorƒast™ - Pre-Stain Base Coat for Wood - 2 Gallons

This purchase includes two, one-gallon cans (2 gallons total)

If you'd like to only order 1 gallon, give us a call - 1-800-426-1002

Product Overview:

Keep the Color the Color 

Everyone knows that color is king on a log home stain job, but pleasing the king can be difficult!  Wood porosity differences lead to blotchy, uneven results when staining.  UV damage causes the wood to yellow underneath your stain or interior clear coat.  That once-perfect color is lost. That’s why you need Sashco’s Colorfast™.  Colorfast strengthens the glue that binds the wood cells together, called lignin, preventing yellowing of the underlying wood cells to help you maintain a consistent color year after year.  Before staining, Colorfast evens out wood porosity, creating a smoother surface for stain application and preventing over-absorption and a too-dark color.  After staining, the lignin stabilizers prevent the wood underneath from getting sunburned, leaving the stain applied on top looking the same year after year.  Colorfast delivers the ideal canvas for stain application and leaves behind the strong foundation necessary for long-lasting color.  It’s color confidence for your log home.



  • Keeps the color the color:  Lignin (wood cell glue) stabilizers prevent yellowing and darkening of the wood itself overtime, which in turn prevent color shifts in the stain applied over top. Light colors stay light and darker colors don’t shift too dark.

  • Reduces blotchiness:  Fills pores for a smoother surface and more even stain application. Great for blasted, rough-sawn, knotty pine, or milled logs

  • Prevents picture-frame effect on interior wood:  Apply on bare wood on the interior of the home and under Sashco’s Symphony® interior clear coat to avoid yellowing around wall décor.

  • Use under any Sashco stain:  Using oil-based Transformation Log & Timber? Water-based Capture®, Cascade®, or Symphony®? No problem.

  • Easier stain application:  Greatly reduces the need to backbrush the stain applied over top.

  • Great as a log keeper coat:  Prevents mold and yellowing due to UV damage on new wood as it moves from the mill to the job site and throughout construction.  Contains both mildewcide and algaecide to help preserve the wood until it’s time to stain. Or, life happened and you need to wait for a few weeks between prep and staining?  No problem.

  • Seal those ends:  When applied heavily on log ends, prevents over-penetration of stain and log ends that are darker than the rest of the logs.

 3-year shelf life

How Colorfast™ Works:

Colorfast Wood Primer by Sashco
Colorfast Wood Primer by Sashco


Where to Use:

Use on almost any vertical wood surface, underneath a Sashco stain or clear coat.  Great for:

  • Logs

  • Timbers

  • Trim

  • Tongue & groove walls or ceilings


Colorfast™ Applicator Sell Sheet

Colorfast™ Info Sheet/Application Instructions 



Ryan M, Contractor in MT 

“I often have problems on a restoration job with the orange pigment coming out too much. It can be hard to control. Colorfast prevented that weird absorption of the orange pigment so the outcome was much more predictable and consistent.”


Brad H, Contractor in WV 

“Because it’s milky white, it was easy to see where I had and had not applied it. It went on quickly, required very little brushing, and dried within about 30 minutes. Very easy to use.”

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