Flex Tint™ - Neutral Base for Transformation Stain® Log and Timber - 5 Gallons

Flex Tint™ - Neutral Base for Transformation Stain® Log and Timber - 5 Gallons

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**Tint cartridge shown in photo not included with purchase.  Purchase tint cartridge separately by clicking right here.



Why Flex Tint for Transformation Log & Timber Stain??


Right color, right quantity, right now: It’s like your own mobile paint store. You choose how many of each color to always have on hand with pails of neutral base. No need to leave the job site.

Easy to mix: A caulking gun, a drill - driven paint mixer, and 5 - 7 minutes are all that’s needed.

Same performance: It’s the same color, durability, and application you’ve come to expect from Transformation Log & Timber Stain .


People and wood are unpredictable.

Ran out of stain?  Send a guy (and a truck full of gas) two hours to get more.  Homeowner changed their mind about the color?  There goes two days waiting for the new color to be delivered, not to mention the hassle of returning the other.  With Sashco’s Flex Tint jobsite stain tinting system, the stain flexibility you require is right where you need it: onsite.  The answer to last - minute color or quantity changes is on your truck or in your trailer.  You can prep, sample, make the color choice, and start staining without ever leaving the jobsite.  Kill downtime and increase profits with Flex Tint.  It’s the right color, right quantity, right now.


How to mix Flex Tint  - Watch the video below to see how:

Apply Transformation Log & Timber Stain according to directions on the pail and on the Transformation info sheet. See info sheet for final mixed stain technical specs, including stain coverage rates, dry times, etc. Download it at Sashco.com/log - home.


Coverage Rate: Use one full 28 oz. cartridge for every 5-gallon pail of Transformation Log & Timber Stain neutral base.  Do not dilute the tint pack .  Using less tint than recommended will diminish overall stain durability and performance.


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