Log Jam - Chinking - 30 oz. Tubes - Case of 10 - Log Home/Cabin Chink

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Since its introduction in 1985, Log Jam chinking has been the recognized industry standard in elasticity, adhesion and durability.  Also, Log Jam is still the only chinking to hold a UL fire-resistance rating.  Log Jam stretches and compresses as logs shrink and swell—up to 100% of the original joint size (+/- 50%).  Yet it maintains the traditional look of mortar, without “stretching out,” so it still looks good after years of log movement.  Better yet, Log Jam sticks!  When other chinking products pull away from logs, leaving your home vulnerable to weather, air infiltration and insects, Log Jam holds its place!

  • Stretches up to 250% of original joint size without tearing – moves with your logs when they move

  • Textured to simulate old-time mortar

  • Easy to tool and cleans up with water

  • Superior early water resistance

  • Won’t melt Styrofoam® beadboard – no more bumpy, unsightly chink lines

  • Trusted go-to log cabin chinking – used on thousands of homes worldwide since 1985

  • Freeze-thaw stable: OK to leave in your truck overnight

***Please note- Colors may appear differently on your screen than they would in-person.  We recommend ordering a Log Jam sample card prior to making your purchase if you are unsure about the color.  Call or email us to order that card. 

 Made with pride in the USA 


Log Jam®, the standard for synthetic chinking.

Davy Crockett’s log cabin was cozy…except that it wasn’t.  He spent a good amount of time plastering mortar into those chinking joints every year.  Old-time mortar cracks and crumbles, allowing in wind, bugs, dust, rain and pollen.  That’s why Sashco created Log Jam® Chinking, the standard in synthetic chinking.  Its texture recreates that old-time mortar look while sealing your log home from vermin and wind alike.  It stretches and won’t let go when your logs move. With Log Jam® chinking, you can keep the cozy feel and rustic look without compromise.

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