Outlast® KleenStart™ - Wood Cleaner & Brightener

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Concentrated Oxygen Cleaner

The "go-to" wood cleaner, perfect for anything that requires a good deep-down cleaning and brightening. 

Outlast® KleenStart™ is a concentrated granular cleaner that puts the cleaning power of pure oxygen into your hands. As it dissolves, the crystals of KleenStart release the oxygen bound up inside them—giving you nature's own way of cleaning and brightening.

Perfect for siding (both wood and vinyl), decks, fences, roofs, tents, log homes, outdoor furniture—anything and everything that requires a good deep-down cleaning and brightening.



  • Easy mix surface prep and cleaner for logs, decks, fences and more.

  • One quart makes 5-gallons and cleans about 750 square feet of surface area.

  • Dissolves easily in cold water.

  • Gentle to wood fibers (unlike harsh chlorine treatments)

  • Biodegradable, non-toxic

  • Contains 100% percarbonate.  No fillers added!

  • Water thin solution- Flows on easily with a pump-up garden sprayer

  • Removes mill glaze

  • No scrubbing is normally necessary when using a light pressure wash to rinse away residue.

  • Loosens stains caused by mildew and mold for easy rinse away with water hose or pressure washer

  • Gently Brightens wood surfaces

  • Mix smaller quantities: 1/2 to 2/3 cup concentrate per gallon of water

  • Easy to rinse off


outlast kleenstart log cleaner brightener


Proper upkeep at home is crucial to protecting your investment.

Keeping exterior surfaces clean is the best way to keep an eye on things before you end up with major repairs. KleenStart is an oxygenated granular cleaner that mixes in hot or cold water. Mix it up and leave it on for about 10 minutes and it often does most of the scrubbing for you – rinse with a light power washing to remove dirt, stains, mildew and mill glaze while protecting colors from unwanted bleaching.

Prior to the application of any deck waterproofing, the use of a deck stain and sealer, decking treatment, decking oil, exterior wood stain, underdeck waterproofing, or other finish product – always make sure the surface is CLEAN first. Proper surface preparation is the key to lasting results when applying any coating or finish treatment!

Every year, your home’s exterior surfaces will benefit from at least one general cleaning. We like to recommend doing this in the spring to remove pollen and other accumulated dirt and stains. Keep your eyes open and make note of needed repairs that you might see during the clean-up. Make all needed repairs before they get worse! KleenStart is a very cost-effective way to clean almost every exterior surface around your home.   Prior to use, be sure to water down the lawn and any plantings to prevent spotting during the application of KleenStart.

For known iron stains or tannin stains use Outlast Oxo Wood Cleaner for instant removal. Oxo is also suitable for use as an all-purpose general wood cleaner in many cases. Iron stains are often seen as dark run marks on wood beneath nails and fasteners. Tannin stains are dark spots or splatters on wood (and often on concrete) surfaces near oak trees.

 outlast kleenstart cleaner brightener


Outlast® KleenStart puts the cleaning power of pure oxygen into your hands. As it dissolves, the crystals of KleenStart release the oxygen bound up inside them - giving you nature’s own way of cleaning and brightening. Perfect for siding (both wood and vinyl), decks, roofs (wood as well as comp and tile), tents, log homes, outdoor furniture - anything and everything that requires a good deep - down cleaning and brightening. KleenStart rinses quickly and easily. No “slick” bleach residue requiring excessive rinsing!


Exterior Use Instructions:

Wet down landscaping to dilute any overspray mist that might come in contact with plantings. Wet down again at project completion to prevent spotting of foliage. Mix the quart size jar into 5 -gallons of fresh tap water or 8 - gallons of HOT water (or for smaller batches mix ¼ to ⅓ cup granules per gallon of water). Stir until dissolved.* Brush, roll, or spray onto surface until wet. You may also add the diluted liquid to the reservoir of a large capacity pump - up garden type sprayer (* see note) and thoroughly wet the surface. Start at the bottom and work upwards. Allow the liquid to sit for approximately 10 minutes to loosen soil and debris. Re-wet if it dries. Further loosen surface debris with a garden hose or (best) pressure wash from the top down. Re -apply a second treatment to initially unresponsive, heavily discolored areas.


Interior Use Instructions:

KleenStart has a mild “bleaching” action which will change wood color slightly as it cleans. Test the effect of the solution in a small area before starting so you will know what to expect. Divide surface areas into manageable sections with defined start and stopping points. This will ensure a uniform end result. Lightly scrub with a nylon bristle brush if needed. Rinse with clean terry cloth towels dipped several times in fresh clean water. Replace rinse water often.

Diluted material must be freshly mixed to be effective. Keep unmixed granules in the original container tightly sealed to maintain quality. A one-quart container cleans up to 1200 square feet of surface area. 


*Note about water.

All water is NOT THE SAME! KleenStart may not completely dissolve in water with certain mineral content and cooler water temperatures. For instance, product mixed in very cold water will normally have a bit of particulate residue remaining in the bottom of the bucket. If the residue is present, simply filter the liquid prior to pouring into a pump -up or other spray apparatus to prevent clogging. When possible, use hot water 


Precautionary statements:

Contains Sodium Percarbonate. Do not allow powdered material to contact the eyes! The use of goggles while pouring or mixing the powdered material is highly recommended. If contact occurs, rinse eyes with large volumes of clean water. If irritation persists contact a physician. Incidental skin contact should pose no health threat, but as with all chemicals, the use of rubber or neoprene gloves is recommended. Please refer to the product SDS for further information.

  • Wet surface and allow the cleaner to work for approximately 10 minutes. Keep surface moist. If needed, scrub the surface with a stiff brush. 
  • Loosens stains caused by mildew and mold for easy rinse away with a light pressure washer. 
  • Gently brightens wood surfaces. 
  • Mix smaller quantities: ¼ to ⅓ cup concentrate per gallon of  water - use less with HOT water.  
  • Readily rinses off! Great for interior cleaning! 
  • Easy mix surface prep: Cleans mold & mildew 
  • Removes mill glaze. For logs, decks, fences, and more 
  • One quart makes 5 -8 gallons and cleans up to 1200 square feet of surface area 
  • Dissolves in tap water 
  • Gentle to wood fibers (unlike harsh chlorine treatments) 
  • Biodegradable, non -toxic 
  • Contains 100% percarbonate. No fillers added! 
  • Water thin - flows on easily with a pump-up garden sprayer 

Storage and Disposal:

Store in a cool, dry location. This product can be harmful to fish and other wildlife. Use in such a way that runoff does not contact streams or open waterways. Dispose of in accordance with all state, local, and federal regulations for your area.


Please refer to the SDS on the website for complete safety instructions

For spill, leak, or Medical Emergency call Infotrac 800 -535 -5053

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