Bracket for Railing, Posts, Fencing - Ram Tough Post & Rail Bracket - Black or Tan

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Black or Tan!  Choose your color above ↑↑↑

Don't like either color?? -  No problem, just grab a can of quality spray paint in your favorite color and give it a quick coat or two (be sure to rough it up with fine grit sandpaper first, so the new paint adheres well) 



These post brackets are durable, re-usable, animal-friendly, labor-saving, and can be used for cross-bracketing.  One person by themselves can build a log railing using these brackets.  No tenon-cutter required!

They can also be bent for use on angled railing/fencing (see example picture below).

Ram Tough Post Brackets are machined from quality metal and are chromated and powder-coated to ensure longevity.  Designed to fit 3" to 8" diameter rails.  These fence post brackets will not rust from the ACQ in treated lumber.  Perfect for use in any railing or fencing project.

 These brackets make the process fast and easy!

Install Your Next Log Railing in Three Easy Steps…

  • -Set your posts

  • -Size your rails to the proper length

  • -Attach your rails to posts with Ram Tough brackets

 ** screws not included


You can bend the brackets to accommodate any angle. 


About Ram Tough Fence Brackets

Ram Tough Brackets is owned and operated by a long-time local Oregon family, Jerry and his wife Marlene. The Rysers dedicate their time and skills to making Ram Tough the best that it can be for their customers.

Ram Tough all started with an unfinished post and rail fence. Jerry scoured his local Wilco store in search of his go-to fence brackets, but to no avail. With the help of his friend and local Wilco store manager, Tom Sawtell, they discovered the man who built the brackets had moved and stopped making them. A light bulb lit up in their minds. They saw an opportunity to fill the new void in the market and decided to greatly improve the fence brackets. That’s when Ram Tough Brackets was started.

Taking inspiration from the handmade brackets they previously purchased, they set out to make them better, stronger, and more aesthetically pleasing. Using galvanized metal and powder-coating them, the metal pieces are rust-proof and long-lasting. The two rounded metal pieces are held together at a 90-degree angle; one side of the fence bracket fits under the post and the other fits under the rail, where it meets the post. Ram Tough brackets are specifically designed to be pliable enough to form to rounded posts and rails, yet strong enough to withstand a large amount of weight. The result is a product that is sturdy, powerful, and requires 50% less labor and time to build the fence.

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