Stay-Clean I/E™ - Mildewcide Paint Additive

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The Original Mildewcide Paint Additive


For Interior & Exterior Use



  • Stay-Clean I/E is an extremely effective EPA registered fungicide designed to provide long-lasting protection against mold & mildew on most standard latex and oil-base paint, stain or wallpaper adhesives. Ideal for residential and professional contractors, as well as DIY users for interior and exterior projects.


  • EPA registered fungicide inhibits the growth of mold & mildew on interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Blends easily into all latex and oil base paints, stains or wallpaper adhesives.

  • Proven, long-lasting protection against mold & mildew.

  • Will not affect color or performance of paints, stains or wallpaper adhesives.

  • Packaged in convenient sizes: 9-gram pouch for one-gallon applications; 45- gram syringe for 5-gallon treatment.



  • May be used in all standard interior and exterior paints, varnishes, and stains, including latex and alkyd coatings and wallpaper adhesives. Not recommended for low-solids systems such as conventional water sealers - the StayClean I/E™ product may settle resulting in inconsistent application.



  • Although Stay-Clean I/E ™ is off-white in color it will not affect the color of the paint or stain it is mixed with.



Mixing – Add entire contents of 9 Gram pouch to 1 gallon of paint, stain or wallpaper adhesive; add entire contents of 45-Gr. Syringe to 5 gallons (paint, stain or wallpaper adhesive).  Mix thoroughly into the paint, stain or wallpaper adhesive.



Surfaces to be painted or papered must be clean, dry and in good condition prior to application.  Be sure to remove existing interior/mildew with a bleach cleaning solution to kill existing mildew.  If you do not eliminate the mildew you will only be covering up the problem and mildew will return.


EPA Registration No.: 47332-7

Active Ingredients: 2-(4-thizazolyn-benzimidazole)


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