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Why buy when you can rent? 

Want to buy it instead of renting it?  Buy it and don't return it!  Or call to order.

Order online or call to order - 1-800-426-1002.  We also have one smaller tenon cutter available for rent (for spindles). 

We offer a 2"x 5" Double Blade Tenon Cutter.

A deposit of $499.99 + shipping is required to rent.  Use the Tenon Cutter and ship it back. 

We will refund you the deposit, minus a rental fee (and taxes, if applicable).  Rental fees are as follows:

  • 1-14 days = $50.00

  • 15-31 days = $100.00

  • 32-46 days = $150.00

  • 47-60 days = $200.00


A powerful 1/2" corded drill is required!  Do not use a cordless drill, you'll ruin it.  Low speed is required (not over 600 RPM).


Day 1 is the day the Tenon cutter ships and the day returned is the postmark date when shipped back. The customer is responsible for shipping the cutter back to Log Home Mart, undamaged.  No refunds after 61 days.  No refund will be given if the cutter is damaged.

The Barker Tenon Cutters are a heavy-duty design made of machined high-grade aluminum with two built-in bubble levels for precise tenons.

Made in the U.S.A. 


This tenon cutter is typically used with Log Home Mart's horizontal cedar rails found here, but you can use this tenon cutter to cut a tenon on whatever you'd like!  

The first number of a tenon cutter size is the diameter of the tenon it will cut.  The second number is the largest diameter log the cutter will accept.  Example: A 2"x5" tenon cutter will cut a 2" diameter tenon at the end of any 2"-5" diameter log.  A powerful 1/2" corded drill is required.

If this item is listed as "Out of Stock", give us a call and we can let you know how soon we can get one to you.  1-800-426-1002


This 2" x 5" Aluminum Tenon Cutter will cut a 2-inch tenon on up to 5-inch stock. 2 Bubble Levels, Adjustable Tenon Length, Replaceable Blades, Industrial Grade.  These are built to stand up to heavy use.  The blades can be resharpened. The rate of sharpening depends largely on the type of wood you are cutting.  Good, clean stock, with very little dirt and debris, should get several hundred ends cut between sharpenings.

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The Barker Tenon Cutter 
Made with high-grade industrial aluminum. 

The tenon length is adjustable by simply adjusting the stop with a
set screw. Once it is set, you can keep cutting tenons without looking through viewers!
  You get the same tenon length each cut.  Blades are made of high carbon steel and are removable for sharpening or replacement.  These Standard Barker Features are what make it the best tenon cutter on the market.  
Each tenon cutter is available as a single or double blade model. Triple blade tenon cutters are available for some sizes and are an additional $50.00  A single blade cutter will require less power from the drill to cut the stock and will take just a few seconds longer to complete the cut.  You will need a strong drill. We recommend the Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1/2" drill (model 1663-20) for logs up to 4 inches in diameter (or any powerful 1/2" drill).  If you are working with logs that are larger than 4" in diameter, then we suggest a Milwaukee 3/4" drill ( model 1854-1). The 3/4" drill can be used on ANY size of log.  


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